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Scholeio Case Centre (SCC)

    Cases are an important and integral tool to higher education, particularly Management Education. Learning gets enhanced by inclusion of cases in management education curriculum. The availability of useful and relevant cases is a concern for educators. Although there are few case collection center/platforms available but most of them have premium pricing. 

  The Scholeio Case Centre aims to address these concerns by offering a collection of useful cases at one place and at an affordable price.

    The case submissions are invited from academicians, people from industry, policy makers, researchers and students in the form of Cases/Case studies.

The cases could be desk cases/field cases and maybe based on real data or hypothetical data. Even stories with Management lessons are welcomed. The cases could be on Management or related theme.

Case specifications:

  • Each case has to be compulsorily submitted along with a TEACHING NOTE for the same.
  • The first page of the case and the teaching note should include the complete contact details of the authors.
  • Font used should be Times New Roman and font size 12 with 1.15 line spacing.
  • The case should follow APA style of referencing.
  • Cases  must be submitted in MS-Word format only.
  • Any submission with plagiarism or similarity level more than 15% will not be accepted. The author need to check this before submission to avoid delay in processing.
  • The authors are required to take necessary permissions of copyrights/patents/licensed material and related content used in their case/teaching note. Any such copyright violation is the sole responsibility of the author. The case editor or Scholeio Case Centre or Scholeio (OPC) private limited or any of its unit will not be held accountable and responsible for such violations.  

The cases submitted will be checked by the case editor. All the cases approved by the editor will be made available to the users through platform.


  The interested users may visit and access the list of cases available with Scholeio Case Centre (SCC). The users may request the editor at for a copyrighted sample of the case, which will be provided at zero cost. However, the users may buy the cases along with teaching notes for use in classroom/training purposes.

A soft copy of case along with teaching notes will be made available at a payment of Rs 5000 (Five thousand only) per case for a user. The case  will be allowed to be used  for ‘one academic year’ only (June-May).

Case contributors:

   The case contributors get the advantage of distributing their cases to a wider user base and have the option of earning some monetary incentive based on the usage of their cases. Case submission fee is Rs 1000 (One thousand only) per case which includes editing, feedback, distributing and marketing the case.

All communication & submissions should be emailed at mentioning the subject as ‘Case: Name of the author’.


Case Editor

Dr. Moid Ahmad,

Director, Scholeio Education